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According to the UK Government’s 2015 Information Security report, 90% of large organisations reported that their digital defences had been breached by cyber criminals as they attempt to steal valuable personal details we trust them with. Below are just a few examples that made headline news recently:

August 2015: The website of Carphone Warehouse was attacked, compromising the details of 2.4million customers.

October 2015: Broadband provider, TalkTalk, sustained a significant cyber-attack and the details of 15,600 customers were stolen.

November 2015: Hackers stole the personal details of almost 2,000 Vodafone customers in a targeted cyber-attack.

August 2016: UK payroll software company, Sage Group, suffered a security breach and payroll data from 280 corporate clients had been compromised.

November 2016: IT systems of the National Lottery were breached, resulting in the personal data of 26,500 players being stolen.

April 2017: payday lender, Wonga, had its systems breached and the personal data belonging over 245,000 customers was stolen.

September 2017: Equifax, a consumer credit rating agency, suffered a data breach, leaking the personal details of over 400,000 UK customers.

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talktalk website hacked - customer data stolen

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